When I crafted the idea of creating La Servente magic shop I wanted to offer quality props and tools right from the start, focusing on the needs of the professional magician as well as the serious student ones.

I think that well made magic props last in time, add value to any performance and, following the hard study and reharsals, are the best investment for any magician:
In this shop you find few “ready-to-cook” tricks, but a lot of good quality stuff that you have to study, experiment and make it fit your style and presentation.

Magic is an ancient, wonderful and special form of art that requires time, study and right materials and props.

Time is mandatory to learn first – and ripe – all the right movements in order to create the muscolar memory that makes them naturally performed.
Study is necessary because is only by knowing the story and the evolution of an effect, or a technique, that you put the bases to improve it, pushing forward our art.

Right props are required to be sure that during any performance everything will flow as smooth as silk.

My wish to you is that my selection in this magic shop can help you grow your passion, skills and profession with the same amousement I do so… welcome in!

owner & manager

Tricks are used to let people believe that real magic does not exist.